As a job seeker it sometimes seems as if an opportunity will never come your way. This desperation can sometimes lead one to take advantage of any job opportunity, even when the offer is not the right one to take.

In the article “7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting A Job Offer” Glassdoor’s Emily Moore helps the reader to decide if a job is the right situation for one’s self by asking 7 questions which help to gage whether a job opportunity is right for them.

This week we will analyze Moore’s first three questions. Firstly, Moore asks the question that a job seeker would probably be most interested in.

Are you being offered fair compensation?

Sometimes we so badly want an opportunity that we may settle for less than we deserve. Moore wants the reader to ask themselves if they are being compensated fairly for what is expected from them as a worker. Also if you are over qualified for a position, and still are being offered less than market value this is also a problem.

Moore’s second and third questions are ones that some employees seldom seriously think about prior to taking a position.

Do employees generally stick around for a while?

If one is thinking about accepting a position with a company with high turnover then one should proceed with an air of skepticism. What could cause high turnover? Is it discontent, or do employees use this opportunity as a stepping ladder to another company? These are questions that one must consider prior to acceptance.

Do you like your potential manager?

In most cases a manager can become a deciding factor in how one views their job. A good manager could help boost job production, and create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Conversely, a boss who is not well liked can create a negative environment, decrease worker efficiency, and entice one to search for other opportunities.

Good luck in your search, and let us know how it goes!


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