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Only 31% of construction companies have integrated systems for project reporting.

Discover how SkillSmart InSight offers you real-time reporting and all-time compliance.

Real-time insight that’s too good and it’s true.

SkillSmart InSight lets you manage your project reporting through one centralized portal. Track man hours, payroll, contractor wage rates, construction data, and more. With our one-click reporting you’ll get real-time data to ensure your project meets state, federal, and local requirements. Be afraid of non-compliant fines no more.

SkillSmart InSight

We're helping America's largest P3 project streamline compliance and reporting.

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Consolidate your reporting

SkillSmart InSight Project Compliance Tracker

Manage all your compliance reports in one place, tailored to your specific project needs. Simply setup your project; our compliance tracker feature will track your details from mandated wage rates to supported business types, and more.

Streamline subcontractor data

SkillSmart InSight Subcontractor Construction Data

No more Excel spreadsheets! Give all your subcontractors access to SkillSmart InSight and have them enter and upload their own construction data. Then export all the data you need in just a click.

Report payroll accurately

SkillSmart InSight Certified Payroll Reporting

Accurately track labor hours for your employees and your subcontractors’ employees. Generate certified payroll reporting, EEO reports, and more.

Highlight non-compliant wages

SkillSmart Insight Wage Rate and Construction Payroll Compliance

Avoid the fines! We make it easy to proactively identify non-compliant wage rates and construction payroll, avoiding downstream issues and the fines that come with them.

Access your data in real time

compliance reporting with SkillSmart InSight Utilization Reports

Real-time reporting gives you all the data you need for internal insights or compliance reporting such as EEO, utilization, state, and local hiring requirements.

SkillSmart InSight is the new standard.

Integrate subcontractor data

Track employees, hours, wages

Generate the reports you need

Ensure project compliance

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SkillSmart is the new standard.

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