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Prevailing Wage Compliance

Confirm compliance with prevailing wage and Davis Bacon Act requirements for you and all of your tiered subcontractors. Automatic notifications let you know when you are out of compliance.

Track Spend Across Subcontractor Tiers

InSight allows you to track your subcontractors’ and suppliers’ spending all down the project tier. Understand local and business entity spending across all of your projects in real time.

Track Diversity and Residency of Your Workforce

SkillSmart Insight tracks not only M/WBE and DBE participation, but can also track diversity, residency and skilled-trade data for the entire workforce to provide a better understanding of economic impact.

Access Your Data in Real-time

Real-time reporting gives you all the data you need for internal insights or compliance reporting such as EEO, utilization, state, and local hiring requirements.

DBE / MWBE Compliance

Input DBE or MWBE goals and easily track if you are meeting those goals throughout the life of your project.

Supplier Diversity Management

Understand who your suppliers are and where project money is going. Add additional suppliers and monitor throughout the life of the project.

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Real-Time Data Collection

Unlimited Subcontractor Access 

Track Prevailing Wage, Trade, Diversity and Residency data

Prevailing or Living Wage Data Tracking & Reporting

Automatically Generate & E-Sign WH347 from payroll

Track Subcontractors within all tiers of the project 

Business Tracking - Award, Paid & Pending and Entity

Modern & user-friendly interface compatible with multiple devices

Leading Certified Payroll Software Systems

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SkillSmart InSight Works For You. Report on the Data You Need.

Customized Reports

SkillSmart works directly with clients to ensure they receive the information they need. Many times, that means creating customized reports to ensuring InSight is the exact compliance tracker software that works for you. You get a much more customizable result than LCP Tracker.

Track Unlimited Tiers of Subcontractors

While other certified payroll software limits you to tracking Tier 1 subcontractors and suppliers, InSight allows you to track unlimited data. The result is a complete understanding of compliance in prevailing wage and Davis Bacon Act requirements.

Dedicated Customer Support

SkillSmart wants tracking prevailing wage data to be easy. Our dedicated customer support team works one-on-one with our clients to ensure they have complete confidence in using and understanding their data.


Lynn R. Littlejohn

Vice President, Community Affairs and Development - Mortenson
“As an organization, we want to know the economic impact we are making in our communities. It’s important to us, and it’s a differentiator because our clients also care about economic empowerment. We would have tracked this data even without SkillSmart, but now what used to take our team 40 to 60 hours a month to determine takes just a couple of hours.”

Dannis Mitchell

Director - Barton Malow Builders
“High-profile projects usually have very specific workforce requirements. Contractors report on diversity, residency, and other skilled trade employment data. SkillSmart is designed to capture this information and compile it into customized reports. Having SkillSmart adapt to our needs has significantly increased our efficiency and helps showcase the results of local workforce outreach efforts on our projects.”

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