In our last article, we dove into part 2 of our analysis of J. Maureen Henderson’s article “Bad Career Advice Is Everywhere — Here’s How To Avoid It.”

Today’s article, we take on her final question.

How invested is the person offering advice?

Henderson asks whether the advice you’re receiving is personalized. She notes that the more invested a source is in a your success, the less likely are to give you generic or selfish advice.

Henderson’s question reminds us that this is America and everyone has an agenda. One may give you advice that helps “their own ego, their wallet, their reputation.” It is up to the seeker to search through this bad advice to find useful help.

So, as you solicit and review the advice and feedback for your job search, be mindful of who you ask and whether their motivation is for your success (and not theirs).

Good luck in your search, and let us know how it goes!


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