writing thank you note during after-interview process
While getting your foot in the door for an interview is exciting and gratifying it is usually only the first step to success. The time following the interview is usually filled tension and intrigue while you wait to find out if you were hired.

Thanks to Forbes distinguished writer Liz Ryan we know what you can do to calm your nerves and increase your chances of acquiring the job at the same time.

Ryan suggests writing a thank you letter to the interviewer. Contrary to popular belief a handwritten thank you note is still useful in our technological age. Simply thanking one for the interview can help the employer see how serious you are about getting the job.

Just make sure you remember the name and correct spelling of the interviewer’s name. Here are some other helpful tips provided by Ryan.

What if you only had a phone screen? Yes, you still want to send a message. Even a short note, via email, will help the after-interview process move along. Take a look at the example text she provides. View >>

Here are the steps Ryan provides for after the in-person interview.

1. The minute you get home, write down your notes and questions about the interview before you have a chance to forget them.

Who were the interviewers? Write down each person’s name or as much of their name as you can remember. You’re going to use those person-specific details in your personalized thank-you notes.

2. Write down your own observations and questions.

Recap the interview with a friend or mentor you trust. Make sure you jot down anything you want to cover with your friend who can help you stay grounded.

3. Get some blank notecards and write a handwritten note to each person you met on the interview.

If you think a handwritten note is too formal for today’s job search world, think again! Hiring managers report that a well-written and thoughtful thank-you note was the deciding factor between two capable candidates.

View the full suggestions – and bonus sample text from Ryan. Good luck in your search, and let us know how you do!

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