As job seekers we have all experienced this feeling before, you see an attractive opportunity but your previous work experience does not match up with anything needed for the position.

So, you end up doubting yourself, and ultimately do not pursue the position of interest.

During the question answer session titled “I’m Qualified For The Job — Just Not On Paper” Forbes contributor Liz Ryan explains how to apply for a position which you not seem – to the naked eye – qualified for.

First, Ryan asks her readers to do some research. If you can figure out who’s in charge of hiring the staff, you can connect with them directly. Next, you must brainstorm challenges that the prospective employer may have and is attempting to solve by hiring new staff.

Researching these points can be done by examining the company’s LinkedIn page or latest press releases. After you identify these issues, you must use your prior working experience to show how you have experienced similar issues at your last position in order to prove your worth to the new recruiter.

The personal experience does not have to be exactly the same, but must show that you used the same skills or thought process to solve the issue as you would use to solve the new company’s problems as well.

Then create a human voiced (first-person) resume, put your thoughts and research together within the form of a pain letter and submit both the letter and resume to the employer.

While you may not receive this particular position, the research conducted and thoughts compiled will only help you draft an even better letter the next time you see a position you want to pursue.

These are all growing pains on the road to achieving a new position of interest.

Here’s to finding a job that makes you happy!

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