The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) announced today the launch of a state-of-the-art online jobs platform in partnership with Maryland-based firm SkillSmart. Maryland Cyber Jobs (MCJ) addresses the chronic shortage across all industry sectors in finding qualified candidates for Maryland cybersecurity positions. Using a skills-based methodology tailored to each hiring entity, MCJ reduces the time, effort and expense for Maryland employers to find qualified candidates for cyber-related positions. MCJ also helps candidates identify jobs that match their experience and current skills, as well as the skills they need to acquire for the jobs they want. Additionally, the platform identifies Maryland education, training, certification, internship and apprenticeship resources where job seekers can get the skills and experience needed for jobs of interest. The jobs platform can be found at

“This platform dramatically reduces the time a hiring organization will have to invest to find best-fit candidates,” notes CAMI Executive Director Stacey Smith. She continues, “Numerous commercial businesses and cybersecurity companies have told us that using standard job boards is laborious because they have to sift through too much information to find the few gems they might actually want to hire. MCJ directly addresses this shortcoming. Additionally, it’s a platform that connects all three of the critical elements for a successful workforce program: employers, job seekers and entities that provide the education, skills, training and experience for job seekers.”

Founder & CEO of Point3 Security, Evan Dornbush, notes, “We found 4 excellent-fit candidates within 3 days of posting several of our jobs and the required skills. We worked closely with a member of the SkillSmart team to optimize our job postings to attract the right candidates. That personalized service was a unique benefit for us in the job posting process and it’s already paying off with the quality of candidates we’ve received. For us, it’s not about the number of applicants; it’s about the quality. I’d rather have 4 good ones to review versus having to sift through 400.”

MCJ is not just for cybersecurity companies; it’s for all businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations looking to fill their cyber hiring needs.

“As we grow and market the platform, I expect we’ll be attracting candidates from across the nation and internationally. This will serve as a great workforce attraction tool for our state,” adds Smith.

Convenience is paramount in today’s fast-moving economy and with the launch of MCJ combined with its online directory of 350+ MD cybersecurity product and service providers, CAMI has made the one-stop shop for cybersecurity solutions and workforce within the state of Maryland and accessible globally. “This is a highly valuable competitive advantage for our State, and we’re excited and proud to offer it,” says Smith.



About SkillSmart
SkillSmart is a skills-based, technology platform that helps growing organizations and industries find the talent they need by matching job seekers to employment opportunities based on skills and abilities. To accomplish this, SkillSmart partners with companies from a variety of industries and provides access to their proprietary technology to allow them to search and filter through a pipeline of qualified candidates. Where gaps exist, SkillSmart partners with local training resources to provide skill-building opportunities. SkillSmart’s mission is to end the skills gap that employers face in filling various roles.