The Smart Talk weekly blog posts and online job seeker articles are atypical from the common job advice you might receive from your parents in the past. Perhaps this reflects the changing mindset of the modern job seeker.

In the past, jobs were seen as a career, so you have to work hard to impress future employers knowing that this business could probably be your place of employment for life. However, the combination of distrust of big business, and the importance of happiness at your workplace has led to a new modern mindset.

Twenty years ago you may have gone into a job interview looking at the experience as a one-way relationship, now the you’re more likely to observe how you are being treated within the interview process.

While bill collectors wait for no one, and some still view the job interviewer as the party with all the power, a growing segment of the younger generation looks at employment as a mutual relationship: I provide a much needed skill, you provide me with respect and happiness.

Therefore when you read our weekly blog posts, we want you to read about more than just techniques to please your interviewer, or the right words to say during an interview. Here, you’ll find employee empowerment pieces. You will read about signs you should look for during an interview process, and what you should gather from them.

The current generation changes positions at a faster rate than previous generations, and if some continue to rush into positions specifically for a paycheck this trend will only continue.

So keep following us, and stay tuned for more tips and guidance on how you can prepare for a job that meets your budgetary requirements as well as your happiness ones.

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