Students majoring in Liberal Arts fields are often undervalued. Relatively speaking, these degrees do not carry the same weight as medical or engineering degrees.

In an uncertain job market some look at these graduates as individuals who do not possess a certain skill to do a particular task. These are not graduates who can do an open heart surgery or write code for a Fortune 500 company, therefore finding a job after graduation for these students can be rather problematic.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers “only 32.6 percent of philosophy majors in the class of 2015 secured full-time employment by January 2016, compared to 65.7 percent of business majors” within the same timeframe.

However, this mindset may be on the precipice of change. Recently, Forbes contributor Renee Morad wrote an article titled “Why Mark Cuban Believes Liberal Arts Is The Future Of Jobs” in which the Dallas Mavericks owner is quoted explaining why Liberal Arts majors may be in demand in the near future.

Cuban theorizes that as technology advances some skills may become redundant. Cuban believes that society will give machines more of the tasks which we attend college for today.

This change will cause freethinkers to play a more integral role in the workforce.

Commonly overlooked skills such as communication, foresight, and critical thinking will be needed because these are skills which machines can not possess. This information would be welcomed by colleges, who in recent times have attempted to add more skills based courses to their Liberal Arts curriculums in order to secure more job prospects for their students.

What are your thoughts? Does this make you re-think your liberal arts choice, or reinforce that you made the right one?

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