pexels-photo-127873A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog detailing the misinformation about the lack of opportunities available for someone who didn’t have a four-year degree. This post is meant to highlight careers that are possible without a degree.

Contrary to popular beliefs, there are some high paying career options for those who do not want to be shackled with student debt and college loans. Here we list 10 of the highest paying jobs that do not require a college degree. This list is courtesy of Susannah Snider’s article “25 Best Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree.”

Unsurprisingly, the jobs on the list are predominantly in the Medical or Technological fields. While they’re achievable without a degree, they do require specialized skills which help advance their pay scale.

Radiation Therapist$80.2K
Dental Hygienist$72.3K
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer$68.9K
Web Designer$64.9K
Computer Support Specialist$62.2K
Occupational Therapy Assistant$57.8K
Respiratory Therapist$57.7K
Physical Therapist Assistant$55.1K
Cardiovascular Technologist$54.8K
Hearing Aid Specialist$49.6K

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