Amplifying Construction DEI Strategies Using Technology

Power Construction’s implementation of SkillSmart’s InSight technology on more than two dozen projects has allowed them to track workforce and business data and provides a clear view of how and where Power is able to make the biggest impact in the community.

Power Construction, a Chicago-based general contractor, began using SkillSmart InSight in 2019.

We loved how SkillSmart works. Their team is flexible and open to new ideas, much more than any other company we had talked to,” said Sean Glowacz, Diversity & Inclusion Manager for Power Construction explained. “They wanted to work with the Power team to make a tool that was useful for more than an individual project. Their goal was to implement it across the entire organization.

Site tour at the Terminal 5 Expansion and Renovation at O'Hare Airport. Hosted by Power Construction for Revolution Workshop students in Chicago, IL.

Site tour at the Terminal 5 Expansion and Renovation at O’Hare Airport. Hosted by Power Construction for Revolution Workshop students in Chicago, IL. Power offers site-tours through their partnerships with pre-apprentice organizations. These programs are focused on preparing local, minority, and female candidates for careers in construction trades. Photo Credit: Power Construction

InSight is deployed on more than two dozen Power projects, ranging in size from $2 million to $500 million. The technology allows Power to manage project reporting in a centralized portal, with the ability to:

  • Track all contract awards made on Power projects – including sub-tier awards made by prime contractors – and track payments to those contractors
  • Track contract awards and payments made to certified contractors (the system can track any certification of interest to our clients)
  • Track workforce hours performed on Power projects, including associated demographic and geographic details
  • Generate reports summarizing contract and workforce achievements for individual projects and across all active jobs
  • Track Power’s community outreach efforts
Power Construction and Chicago Women in Trades students

Power Construction hosts Chicago Women in Trades students at their Shops at Big Deahl project site. This retail and residential development is located in the Goose Island neighborhood in Chicago, IL. Photo Credit: Power Construction

Using InSight, Power can view data in real-time on a day-to-day basis to learn more about workforce on specific project sites. Examples of data collected include subcontractor and vendor location, demographics, and financial resources.

One unexpected observation that InSight has provided Power is the ability to identify sub-tier subcontractors that they had not previously been aware of. With this knowledge, Power has invited some to participate in their subcontractor onboarding program, giving subcontractors the potential opportunity to bid Power as a prime contractor.

Unlike traditional tracking strategies utilizing payroll data and spreadsheets, InSight produces dynamic reporting metrics that inform Power of successes, shortcomings, and most importantly, where they make the biggest economic impact. SkillSmart was also able to integrate with two of Power’s software providers—CMiC and Ceridian—to assist in accurate data transfer without needing to reenter data.

Data generated by InSight provides Power additional valuable information regarding building subcontractor project teams for upcoming projects.

When subcontractors make a commitment, Power can see there are actions behind it that are quantifiable,” Glowacz said. “Our team knows the kind of contracts they’ve let, the specifics of those contracts and the workforce being brought to the table.” Often, the most powerful partnerships occur between a subcontractor that is not minority certified but brings sub-tier participation with a diversified workforce to the project, giving Power more confidence that the subcontractor understands the purpose behind the DEI efforts.

Power Construction and Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse Students at construction site.

Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse students joined Power Construction for a site tour of District 1860. Photo Credit: Power Construction

Power Construction plans to implement InSight on more projects throughout 2022, as well as utilize another SkillSmart technology, Seeker, to amplify the hiring efforts of their subcontractor partners.

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