SkillSmart is twice as effective at identifying qualified talent for hire than its online counterparts. Watch why SkillSmart has been successful helping brands across the country like MGM Casino & Resorts, Milwaukee Bucks Arena, Purple Line Transit Partners, and others with their large-scale hiring efforts.

“At no point along the way do we want the job seeker to say ‘I don’t have that,'” says Mike Knapp, CEO and Founder of SkillSmart. “We want them to see ‘I don’t have that, but here’s the next step.’ And so we try to continue to link them.”

More, SkillSmart helps community training and education programs tailor their courses to teach the skills employers need. Doing so significantly increased targeted enrollment and resulted in greater outcome of people getting hired upon completion in one recent hiring effort in the DC Region.

SkillSmart streamlines the talent recruitment and hiring by focusing on the skills needed, improving the effectiveness and experience by both employers and job seekers.