A diversity management system to help you understand economic impact.


Easily report diversity, residency, and skilled trade data within your workforce. SkillSmart Insight is a diversity management system that goes beyond DBE compliance and supplier diversity to give you a clearer understanding of your next construction project.

SkillSmart Insight is a diversity management system designed to help construction professionals track supplier and workforce diversity both for DBE compliance and economic impact.
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Win more work with a diversity management system designed to help owners meet their goals.

Large construction projects in the public eye often come with public scrutiny. Local communities are invariably interested in the economic impact of projects, and construction professionals are being asked to help tell the story. SkillSmart Insight is a workforce and supplier diversity management system that allows construction professionals to fully understand the diversity, residency, and skilled trade data of everyone involved in the construction project – from subcontractors to suppliers.

The result is a better understanding of the economic impact a construction project has on diverse or regional populations – and a better story to answer public questions.

We make it easy to track the data you need.

DBE Reporting and Compliance

Input DBE or MWBE goals and easily track if you are meeting those goals throughout the life of your project. Then, take it a step further by not just tracking business owners, but also subcontractor staff.

Supplier Diversity Management System

Understand who your suppliers are and where project money is going. Add additional suppliers and monitor throughout the life of the project. Our supplier diversity software makes it easy to understand and report.

Track unlimited tiers of subcontractors

Specify access for subcontractors to allow them to upload their own data – saving you time and money. Upload unlimited tiers of subcontractors to understand all the data and get a complete picture.

Custom reports combined with 24/7 customer support.

SkillSmart wants understanding your workforce metrics to be easy. We understand that individual clients may want to track different workforce criteria on your construction project. Our regional and diversity tracking software combines custom reports with 24/7 customer support and direct access to software developers. The end result is a diversity software that meets your exact needs.

Do more with just one tool.


In addition to serving as a supplier diversity management system and DBE compliance tool, Insight tracks prevailing wage and Davis Bacon Act requirements. The result is one tool to track compliance and impact on the community.

Track project wage rates and work types by employee, even as they change over time.
Establish unlimited subcontractor permissions to allow subcontractors to upload their own data.
Generate and E-sign WH347. Automate Davis Bacon Act certified payroll reporting.
Automated compliance checks identify missing data by period and identify wages not compliant with Davis Bacon Act and prevailing wage by subcontractor and worker.
Track local and diverse workforce data for both contractors and suppliers.
Track targeted worker participation and DBE compliance
Use diversity tracking to help owners successfully talk about economic impact on diverse communities.
Allow unlimited tiers of subs to enter data by EIN to prevent duplicate entries

Learn How InSight Can Get You Better Data

Use the best regional and diversity tracking software.

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Single Site for Tracking Workforce & Business Data

Real-Time Collection Data

Multi-tiered Security and Access Rights for GC’s, Subcontractors & tiers

All-Inclusive Pricing

Additional Cost for Add-on Feature

Prevailing or Living Wage Data Input & Maintenance

Automatically Generate & E-Sign WH347 from payroll

Enterprise Pricing Available

Administrative Web-based Training Sessions

Unlimited Subcontractors

Tiered System - Tracks Subcontractors

Business Tracking - Award, Paid & Pending and Entity


Additional Reporting

Yearly License Fee Allocated Over Duration of Contract

Age of Technology

Custom Reports to support specific project requirements in Excel, PDF, or CSV

Available for a nominal fee and ready in weeks.

5 Years

Leading Certified Payroll Software Systems

3 Sessions

Pre-existing, general reports w/ custom reports at a fee

Yes. Lead time is often months.

8 Years

Leading Supplier Diversity Software Systems

Pre-existing, general reports w/ custom reports at a fee

20 Years

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a diversity management system?

Truthfully, you may not. But more and more often, big construction projects come with goals set by the owners. They may want 25% of the project workforce to be from diverse populations, for example. SkillSmart Insight provides easy-to-use software to help you track diversity, residency, and skilled trade data of not only your own workforce but all of your subcontractors and suppliers. The result is the ability to measure economic impact on a variety of populations.

I also need to track compliance, such as prevailing wage. Does SkillSmart Insight do that too?

Yes! In fact, SkillSmart Insight is the only tool that allows you track workforce metrics – such as diversity and skilled trades – at the same time you track business compliance – such as prevailing wage and Davis Bacon Act requirements. Chat with us today to learn how we do both.

I need to set specific DBE compliance and reporting metrics. Can I do that?

Yes! In fact, SkillSmart Insight can help you analyze DBE or MWBE metrics in real-time, so you can ensure you are meeting goals throughout the life of the project and make adjustments as neeeded.