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Simplify prevailing wage tracking.

Explore a prevailing wage software designed to make your job easier. With SkillSmart Insight you can easily upload payroll data for unlimited subcontractor tiers. Then receive automated alerts to ensure your team meets prevailing wage and Davis Bacon Act requirements. Import and track certified payroll, generate WH-347 and other required reports, easily export data into other programs.

SkillSmart Insight is a prevailing wage tracking tool.
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Prevailing Wage Software designed to save you time.

Without the right tools, tracking wages for your employees, subcontractors, and suppliers to meet prevailing wage and Davis Bacon Act requirements is time-consuming and tedious. Take back your time with a prevailing wage software designed to meet your needs.

SkillSmart Insight examines payroll data and automatically alerts you when there is a problem. Save hours each month by quickly generating certified payroll reports and automatically exporting information into WH347 forms. SkillSmart Insight saves you countless hours in manual work so you can reclaim your time and get more done.

It's already easy to use. But we are still here for you.

Customer Support 7 Days a Week

SkillSmart wants tracking prevailing wage data to be easy. Our dedicated customer support team works one-on-one with our clients to ensure they have complete confidence in using and understanding their data.

Customized Reports

SkillSmart works directly with clients to ensure they receive the information they need. Many times, that means creating customized reports to ensuring Insight is the exact compliance tracker software that works for you.

Track Unlimited Tiers of Sub-contractors

While other certified payroll software limits you to tracking Tier 1 sub-consultants and suppliers, Insight allows you to track unlimited data. The result is a complete understanding of compliance in prevailing wage and Davis Bacon Act requirements.

Do more with just one tool.


In addition to serving as a prevailing wage tracker, Insight tracks MWBE, DBE, diverse workforce requirements and regional workforce requirements. The result is one tool to track compliance and impact on the community.

Track project wage rates and work types by employee, even as they change over time.
Establish unlimited subcontractor permissions to allow subcontractors to upload their own data.
Generate and E-sign WH347. Automate Davis Bacon Act certified payroll reporting.
Automated compliance checks identify missing data by period and identify wages not compliant with Davis Bacon Act and prevailing wage by subcontractor and worker.
Track local and diverse workforce data for both contractors and suppliers.
Track targeted worker participation
Flag non-compliant wages, missing payroll submission, missing documents, apprenticeship status and more
Allow unlimited tiers of subs to enter data by EIN to prevent duplicate entries

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Single Site for Tracking Workforce & Business Data

Real-Time Collection Data

Multi-tiered Security and Access Rights for GC’s, Subcontractors & tiers

All-Inclusive Pricing

Additional Cost for Add-on Feature

Prevailing or Living Wage Data Input & Maintenance

Automatically Generate & E-Sign WH347 from payroll

Enterprise Pricing Available

Administrative Web-based Training Sessions

Unlimited Subcontractors

Tiered System - Tracks Subcontractors

Business Tracking - Award, Paid & Pending and Entity


Additional Reporting

Yearly License Fee Allocated Over Duration of Contract

Age of Technology

Custom Reports to support specific project requirements in Excel, PDF, or CSV

Available for a nominal fee and ready in weeks.

5 Years

Leading Certified Payroll Software Systems

3 Sessions

Pre-existing, general reports w/ custom reports at a fee

Yes. Lead time is often months.

8 Years

Leading Supplier Diversity Software Systems

Pre-existing, general reports w/ custom reports at a fee

20 Years

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Davis Bacon Act certified payroll reporting?

According to the US Department of Labor, Davis Bacon mandates that contractors and subcontractors working on federal or District of Columbia contracts must pay their laborers and mechanics no less than the local prevailing wage and fringe benefits for other projects in the area. Those prevailing rates are set by the Department of Labor. Certified payroll is a specific payroll report that all contractors working on federally funded projects must submit.

Why do I need a compliance tracker software?

On large projects with hundreds of employees, subcontractors and suppliers, keeping track of prevailing wage, Davis Bacon Act and certified payroll compliance can be next to impossible. A good compliance tracker software tracks project wages across unlimited tiers of subcontractors and automatically alerts you when wages are not in compliance.

How much does prevailing wage software cost?

Costs can vary widely depending on the project. Typically, SkillSmart deploys Insight on a project-by-project basis with clients, but some clients have begun using Insight firm-wide at an enterprise level. Call us today at (301) 250-1015 or schedule a free demo.

Where can I find certified payroll reporting software reviews?

We are more than happy to connect you with some of our current clients, many of which have used LCPTracker and other popular certified payroll reporting software before switching to SkillSmart Insight. Our clients tell us Insight is far and away better than anything else they’ve used because it is customizable and designed for their specific needs.