People working in a cafe in the hospitality industry

As the hospitality industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, so does the potential for economic impact across the US.

Hospitality employs over 15 million people in the US today. It represents almost 10% of all private employment, and is expected to add over 1 million new jobs to the economy in the next few years.

Despite its size and breadth, jobs in the hospitality industry are often overlooked. In our latest white paper we debunk the myths surrounding the fast-growing industry.

Myth 1: Hospitality isn’t a significant contributor to the economy

Fact: With more than 25 sub-sectors of the American hospitality industry – including, tourism, food services and hotels – it is a significant contributor to the economy. Read more >>

Myth 2: Hospitality isn’t for everyone

Fact: Few industries are as diverse in job opportunities as hospitality, in both the positions and the personnel who staff them. The industry successfully attracts, hires and retains a diverse talent pool. Read more >>

Myth 3: Hospitality jobs don’t pay a living wage

Like all industries, salaries in hospitality vary. There are jobs that require less experience and carry a lower salary. There are also jobs within the hospitality industry with annual salaries earning $75,000 or more. Read more >>

Myth 4: Hospitality jobs have no future

The transferrable skills that employees develop in the industry, such as customer service and a variety of other technical skills, can lead to advancement within the industry or jobs in other industries. Further, many managerial positions are available to individuals regardless of their educational background. Read more >>

Learn more about the industry’s economic value and its increasing contributions to employment.

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