Simplifying Business and Labor Compliance Reporting for Subcontractors

The developer of the Detroit Pistons Performance Center, The Platform, came to SkillSmart with a challenge in the fall of 2017. In Detroit, Michigan, projects are required to achieve 51% participation of Detroit-based workers, or fines will be levied. The Platform identified their challenge in being able to anticipate and/or prevent fines on their project while trying to meet the City of Detroit's workforce reporting requirements. Deploying SkillSmart's InSight on the project facilitated subcontractors providing data more readily, which gave access to real-time data analysis and reporting. This allowed The Platform to proactively identify and address potential workforce issues resulting in reduced fines from the City and overall project savings.

Detroit Pistons Performance Center, The Platform
skillsmart-laptop-dashboardWe know from our clients and countless discussions with other project managers that historically, one of the biggest challenges to implementing and managing successful business and workforce compliance programs is getting all of the subcontractors, their tiers, and suppliers to actually participate.

 Subcontractors, especially the smaller ones, who help meet the project’s participation objectives, are often too busy getting the work done to spend much additional time filing reports. As a result, they delay submitting information. Then when they do get around to it, there is a significant backlog. The backlog either deters them from submitting the information or creates an incomplete situation rife with errors as they rush through the process. The result? Flawed and incomplete data, and the project owner and/or general contractor now don’t know if they’re meeting prevailing wage requirements or their business participation requirements, thereby creating significant liability for the project.

Solution & Result

Until recently, this situation was exacerbated even further because the subcontractors and vendors need to enter their data into multiple software platforms, which takes even more time and creates more frustration.

Working on both large and small construction projects, SkillSmart has supported Owners and General Contractors in making life easier for their subcontractors. Through the development of a single platform to input and capture all business and workforce compliance data, SkillSmart provides a one-stop-shop for subcontractors. InSight is natively designed with the subcontractor user in mind, accommodating work processes for the small to large subcontractor and providing bonuses like the ability to directly generate WH-347s from the payroll they’ve uploaded into the system. The data all comes from a single source, and there is no chance for errors. By making life easier for the subcontractors, General Contractors are seeing increased subcontractor participation, fewer errors, and reduced fines as a result.

Compliance is hard enough, but essential.  Providing a painless and straightforward solution that your subcontractors will use to reduce your overall liability is just as important. In the end, it will enhance your efforts for compliance.  

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