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90% of organizations do not have people with the skills they need to be successful.

Discover how SkillSmart can help you gain in-depth insight into job seekers with the skills you need and can help you build a talent pipeline for the future.


Significant Insight Into Your Talent Pool

It takes more than 50 days to fill a job opening and that says nothing about filling it with the right person. Seeker can help you cut the time and cost (and headaches!) of finding and hiring the right people. Our technology lets you search candidates by skills and identify the precise talent with the skills you need.

Improved hiring outcomes

SkillSmart Prospect

From skills matching to data tracking, Seeker gives you a more complete understanding of your talent pipeline. It’s everything you need to identify and qualify your ideal candidates effectively.

Whether you’re hiring for a large project or looking to build the community’s talent pool for future opportunities, Seeker makes it easy to identify and enhance the skills available. Need to meet community or project hiring requirements? We can help you do that too.

Our technology is 2x more effective at identifying the talent you need and helped one city save more than $600k by hiring local talent.

We helped one city
save over $600,000
by hiring local talent.

Download the case study to learn how.

SkillSmart is the new standard.

See for yourself. Request a demo today.

SkillSmart is the new standard.

See for yourself. Request a demo today.