Light Rail Project in Montgomery and Prince Georege’s Counties, MD

The Purple Line is a 16-mile light rail line that will extend from Bethesda in Montgomery County to New Carrollton in Prince George’s County, with a total of 21 stations. It will provide a direct connection to suburb-to-suburb rail line in the Washington, D.C. area. The purpose of the $9.5 billion project is to connect neighborhoods, Metro lines, and MARC (Maryland Area Regional Commuter) rail lines in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, and Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor line.

This project was the first user of our InSight technology. The Purple Line uses it for tracking certified payroll data to ensure that all prime contractors and their subcontracting tiers are paying the negotiated wage rates. This payroll data is used to meet the Purple Line’s reporting requirements, with InSight producing the Nationally Targeted Worker and EEO reports for the team.

Client | Maryland Department of Transportation

GC | Dragados / OHL

Location | Montgomery and Prince George’s County, MD

Contract Value | $9.5B

# of Subs | 200+

InSight | Deployed for tracking certified payroll data to ensure negotiated wage rates are being paid; projects reporting requirements are met through the production of the Nationally Targeted Workers and EEO reports

Seeker | The Seeker platform is used to provide an opportunity for contractors to post open positions, for local job-seekers to understand the skills needed for those positions and seek additional skills training or apply if sufficiently qualified.