Portland Community College

Portland Community College (PCC) deployed InSight technology for nine projects to track payroll, workforce labor, and business tracking, for the design professionals and trades participating in the construction projects on campus. During the implementation stage, PCC acknowledged the need to generate an Oregon Payroll Report, the WH-38. This was a new customized report request for our system so the client success team worked collaboratively with the development team, to create this customized payroll report for the College. Now that the WH-38 is autogenerated within InSight, this form can be utilized for any Oregon entity that would need to use it.

Location | Portland, OR

Number of Subcontractors | 12+

InSight | InSight will be used to track payroll, workforce and business tracking goals for companies contributing to the construction projects happening across multiple PCC locations. SkillSmart also customized the WH-38 report for PCC to be able to autogenerate the Oregon Payroll Report for each project.